What is your name and give us brief story about yourself

My name is ERIC WARUTERE I was born on the 10th October 1999 at Pumwani. “Chiggy” as am known to my friends and teammates. Am the last born in the family of four three (3) boys and a girl. I joined Team Umeme from a Kisima Academy (Ziwani) in late 2015 a year before I sat for my O level.

Our sources tell us Sunday match days are usually tricky for you combining Church time & League matches

Yes, God gives me strength without Him as Human Beings we cannot manage to achieve anything. I spend time in Church (PEFA),

Do you have any player in particular you have you enjoyed playing with?

As a team player I have enjoyed playing with all of my teammates past and present. Anyone who understands the game will tell you “enjoyment comes first” there are no dull moments.

 Beside soccer what would you like to study (course)

I would like to do Catering or train as a paramedic (both), catering probably as a business or I may actually end up working in the sport (soccer) a paramedic who knows?

Who has been your biggest influence in your career so far?

Generally all the members of our family have been so supportive keeping mind none of them played soccer.

How do you feel to be Captain of Team Umeme?

 Glory is to GOD, I would like to thank my Coach & the management for having faith in me leading the team. Am proud to be Captain of this great team. It is a team full of leaders and a team that sets its standards very high so it is an honour.

Do you feel any pressure to be Captain of the team?

Yes, there are a lot of expectations from a personal perspective and team. We do not only play for ourselves but for the hood that we represent.

Tell us some about your Coach (Team Umeme Technical Bench)

Budaa as he is popularly known to his players is a person who is direct in his approach. Age & size do not matter but hard-work & commitment to what is expected of you as a player. One of the things that stand out with him is regardless of the situation his players have to possess the ball.

Your favourite player (Local & International)

On the local scene my favourite player is Osborne Monday and on the International scene it is the current world footballer of the year Luka Modric this is because of their style of play.

Has this league (super 8 premier league) had any influence on your game?

Exposure & competition for every player needs that platform to showcase his skills to potential scouts. A few years back we only used to play soccer hoping that someone will offer or we can save money for a friend to record as you play. What Super 8 Premier League courtesy of Extreme Sports it has brought to the table is they do the recording for free while marketing the player (local & Abroad).

The league is very competitive just look at previous winners it brings out the best talents, scouts from the Kenya Premier League flock the venues to watch us play. In fact in the last three years four (4) players from our team have been signed by the teams in the top tier. Having witnessed such it gives me confidence having playing alongside them that my day will come.

What is your advice to young kids who wish to have a career in soccer?

You know what they say “Hard work beats talent when talent does not work hard” so as young players they should put in the works and together with discipline it will move you to great heights.

What are your targets this season & in future?

Winning the Super 8 Premier League 2019

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