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EMERA PIUS PETER aka Sports Ambassador

A man who wears many hats a Grandfather, Father & Uncle to many  people nucleus family etc. A man knows what freedom means as it has been portrayed throughout his life almost three quarters of a century. He speaks fluent English & Swahili, with interpersonal public speaking & negotiating skills (Insight & Wisdom). He believes in three principles of life (1). Believe in GOD (2). Love your family & Friends (3). Respect the Game (Soccer) basically the Sustainable Sports management way of operations. He was one of the brains behind Umeme Sports Club which was realized on the 22rd of February of 1972 established as a self help group.  He was appointed to be coach of the men’s soccer team “UMEME FC” a subsidiary of Umeme Sports Club, where he was able to have opportunity to interact with “top coaches” at the time. He learnt modern soccer techniques from the best in the business at that time

  • Eckart Krutzen: Modern soccer
  • Dettmer Kramer: F.I.F.A World Cup
  • Bernard Zgoll: Olympic Youth Centers
  • Perecia: Samba Soccer
  • Rinus Michel: Total Football
  • Johan Cruyff: Soccer Made in Holland

In 1976 Olympic youth centres were launched in five provinces namely (1). Nairobi (2). Nyeri (3). Nakuru (4). Mombasa (5). Kakamega. He was appointed coach for Nairobi Olympic youth centre based at the University of Nairobi (UON). The Nairobi centre managed to produce talents such as

  • Sammy “ Kempes” Owino – Umeme Football Club Gor Mahia & (Harambee Stars)
  • Edwin Okoth – Umeme Football Club & ( Bata Bullets)
  • Dino Kitavi – Umeme Sports Club, Kenya Breweries Fc & ( Harambee Stars)
  • Charles Ochieng – Umeme Sports Club, Gor Mahia & (Harambee Stars)
  • Rodgers Odera – Umeme Sports Club Capt (1972)
  • Francis Kadenge – Harmbee Stars
  • Austin Oduor – Umeme Sports Club,Capt Gor Mahia & Harambee Stars

In March 1978 He received an offer to study & Coach Youth soccer in CEDAR-HILL TEXAS.U.S.A together with Jacob Otieno, Howard Mwikuta Former Captain Zambia National Team.


Over 30 years of senior management experience

  • International Olympic Committee (IOC) -leadership course
  • I.F.A, FUTRA 1 – introduction to F.I.F.A technical programme
  • Venue Director – 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games
  • Transit coordinator – 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games
  • University of Houston – Sustainable Sports management course

“Pirate” believes that for us as a nation to achieve the ultimate prize of being successful in various sporting disciplines we need to

  • Enhance the skills of existing sport Women & Men
  • Enhance self reliant poverty reduction through youth empowerment
  • Strengthening cultural ties with other Nations
  • Recruit 47 “Sports Ambassadors
  • Launch “Sustainable Sports management” Courses
  • Establish 47 sports authorities ( Nairobi Sports Authority)
  • Launch Olympic Development Programmes (ODP) in 47 counties
  • Launch IOC Leadership Courses
  • Rename “National Sports Academy” to Joe Kadenge Center of excellence

He believes that all these will give the participants the ability to initiate and implement planned organizational change with cohesiveness among the members and it will also bring about a sense of agency in terms of direction that our country will have taken through sports development.

He states that successful nations at the Olympic or the World cup are not by chance but by meticulous planning which takes years to do the work.


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